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  Tron 40S   FastFind   SmartFind S20  
  Tron 60S   SmartFind      
  McMurdo 220   SmartFindS10      
Tron 40S
  Jotron Tron 40S Mk II
A float free or manual GMDSS EPIRB operating on 406/121.5 MHz will, when activated, alert the COSPAS / SARSAT satellites with the vessel identity and positioning signals, allowing Search and Rescue services to be alerted. The unit has a strobe light visible for 10km and an operational time in excess of 48 hours.
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Tron 60S

Jotron Tron 60S/GPS
Jotron's latest small, compact and tamper proof EPIRB. Complies to IMO, SOLAS regulation.
Optimal visibility is achieved with high-intensity LED, located at the top of the antenna. No transport restriction due to the use of non-dangerous goods batteries.
22-channel GPS receiver in Tron 60GPS.
This new EPIRB is supplied either with manual or float-free bracket.

FB6 Outside FB6 Inside

FB6 Float Free Housing

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FastFind 220
  McMurdo Fastfind 220 with GPS
The FAST FIND 220 PLB uses advanced technology packed into a simple, lightweight, palm sized unit. Using the dedicated 406MHz frequency, Fast Find 220 transmits your unique ID and precise GPS location to the global network of search and rescue satellites. Within minutes rescuers are alerted to your situation, and receive regular position updates. Finally, emergency services can home in on your beacons 121.5MHz transmission to find you.
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McMurdo MAX G
  McMurdo Fastfind MaxG with GPS
Designed using miniaturised components to fit into an ergonomically styled compact casing, both versions employ a simple three-stage manual operation and feature user replaceable battery pack for use in temperatures down to -20°C.

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McMurdo Smartfind

McMurdo Smartfind Plus G5 with GPS / Smartfind E5
Meeting the demands of both commercial and recreational mariners, the McMurdo Smartfind heralds the arrival of the next generation in EPIRB technology. IMO approval, high brightness LED flashing locator lights and comprehensive diagnostic and selft-test facilities are just some of the features of these units.

McMurdo Smartfind

Float-free housing.

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Smartfind S10
  McMurdo Smartfind S10
The Smartfind S10 AIS Beacon is an innovative manually activated personal safety device which incorporates both AIS (Automatic Identification System) and GPS technology.
Smartfind S10 is waterproof, buoyant and compact, intended for carriage by divers, crew and anyone who works on or carries out leisure activities on the water.
When activated the Smartfind S10 transmits a unique alert signal to the vessel the individual has come from and to all AIS enabled equipment within a typical 4 mile range, signaling that help is required in a man overboard or lost diver situation.
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  McMurdo S20   McMurdo Smartfind S20
The revolutionary new Smartfind S20 is an AIS (Automatic Identification System) MOB device to assist in survivor recovery. It is lightweight and compact, designed for and intended to be carried by all crew members.
The Smartfind S20 is compatible with existing AIS enabled chart plotters and onboard navigation systems - providing a reliable and cost effective solution for crew safety. It has been specifically designed as a personal AIS search and rescue locating device to quickly and efficiently locate and retrieve a missing crew member.
The Smartfind S20 transmits target survivor information, including GPS position information and a serialised identity number back to the onboard plotter. An inbuilt high precision GPS receiver provides accurate position information to assist in quick recovery of survivors.
The Smartfind S20 will transmit continuously for a minimum of 24 hours and has a 7 year battery storage life. It also features a flashing LED indicator light to aid detection at night and a self test facility with battery use indication.
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