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  BandG Zeus Touch   Lowrance HDS Carbon   Simrad NSS evo3  
  Furuno TZT   Simrad NSO evo3   Simrad GO series  
  Furuno TZT2   Simrad NSS evo2      
  BandG Zeus3 Touch  

B & G Zeus² and Zeus³ Touch
Loaded with unique sailing features the Zeus² is a multi-touch chartplotter range that integrates seamlessly with your marine electronics network.
Sailing-specific navigation including Laylines, SailSteer, SailTime and WindPlot.

Avalable in 7", 9 " and 12" versions.

The Zeus³ high-performance multifunction display features a widescreen display, incorporating SolarMAX™ HD technology for brilliant daytime visibility and ultra-wide viewing angles. To ensure reliable control in all conditions and situations, Zeus³ incorporates an all-weather touchscreen that works even while wet. It combines this with an integrated rotary dial and keypad capable of controlling all display functions.
Avalable in 7", 9 ", 12" and 16" versions.

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  Furuno TZ Touch   Furuno TZtouch
Easy, intuitive and slick operation with touch screen and RotoKey.
Seamless, instant chart/radar redraw with TimeZero Technology.
Detailed 3D and 2D charts and high resolution satellite images.
Luxury, piano black wide screen coated with glass panel.
Simple, flat display with minimum mechanical keys.
Wireless LAN connectivity for automatic chart unlocking.
NavNet Remote and NavNet Viewer apps for iOS and Android devices.
Compact, waterproof remote control unit for easy operation.
9" and 14.1" displays and black box controller.
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  Furuno TZtouch2   Furuno TZtouch 2
Following in the footsteps of the original NavNet TZtouch, TZtouch2 features a refined user interface that is all about usability. Whether you are searching for hot fishing grounds, plotting your next route, using your Radar to navigate through the fog, you can expect smooth operation with familiar touch gestures.
You can “Edge Swipe” from all four sides to access various options. Swiping from the left of the screen reveals the NavData panel, where you can customize contents to simplify navigation and chart usage. You can set the autopilot, check tide information and much more. Swipe down from the top of the screen and display page options drop down for quick and easy access. Swipe the right side to view contextually appropriate menus, and swipe from the bottom for chart and data layer options. Rather than digging through menus, all of the important options are now just a swipe away.
12 " and 15" displays and black box controller.
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  Lowrance HDS Touch   Lowrance HDS Carbon
The Carbon HDS Series combines side imaging, downscan imaging, dual-channel CHIRP sonar, real-time underwater 3D mapping capabilities and ultra-bright displays to deliver the most advanced and easy-to-use fish finder/chart plotter on the market. The units’ touch-screen interface works much like a smartphone with pinch-to-zoom and touch-and-move abilities for fast and intuitive control.
HDS Carbon units also feature the ability to create custom maps using recorded sonar logs. Anglers can add custom color layers, vegetation and bottom-hardness overlays. Each unit supports the most advanced marine technology and is easily updated to the most current software for optimal performance.
7", 9", 12" and 16" display options.
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Simrad NSO Processor
Simrad NSO
  Simrad NSO evo3
Build your ultimate navigation system around NSO evo3. A stunning Full HD display lets you see more than ever, while an integrated high-performance processor ensures a swift response to your every command. Connect with GPS, radar, sonar, keypad controllers and other accessories to create your ideal vessel-wide system.
Ultra-bright, Full HD display. Easy touchscreen control of your entire Simrad system. Integrated quad-core processor for ultimate performance. Integrated quad-core processor for ultimate performance. See more than ever with six-panel split screen option. Connect with smartphones, tablets, and internet hotspots.
16", 19" and 24" display options.
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  Simrad NSS  

Simrad NSS evo2
The NSS evo2 combines form, fit and function in an easy-to-use multifunction device.
Embedded high-gain 10Hz GPS/GLONASS receiver. Built-in CHIRP-enabled broadband sounder and StructureScan HD (excludes m models).
Multi-touch screen and keypad/rotary dial for intuitive and precise control in all conditions. HEROiC software optimized for widescreen multi-touch display, with customisable panels. Easier trip planning with TripIntel™ technology. Full autopilot integration capability. GoFree™ wireless technology for online chart downloads, map creation, smartphone/tablet integration, automatic software updates, and remote system diagnostics (requires optional Wi-Fi module). Flush-mount (~8mm profile) or bracket installation, with classic black and brushed silver bezel options.
7", 9", 12" and 16" display options.

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  Simrad NSS7evo3   Simrad NSS evo3
NSS evo3 includes built-in GoFree® Wi-Fi, true dual-channel CHIRP sonar, and much more.
Navigate, take control, and enjoy an unprecedented level of built-in functionality with NSS evo3. SolarMAX™ HD display technology delivers exceptional clarity and ultra-wide viewing angles, combined with an all-weather touchscreen and expanded keypad for total control in all conditions.
Widescreen SolarMAX™ HD display for true colour rendering. Reliable control in all conditions: Switch seamlessly between multi-touch and full keypad with rotary dial. Integrated echosounder featuring dual-channel CHIRP, ForwardScan® sonar, and StructureScan® HD imaging. Built-in GoFree™ Wi-Fi enables online features and smartphone monitoring / tablet control. Enjoy easier trip planning with TripIntel™ technology. Easier interaction with a refined user interface, new customisable WheelKey, and an expanded keypad for total control of all functions.
7", 9", 12" and 16" display options .
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  Simrad GO7  

Simrad GO Series
The Simrad GO7 XSR chartplotter navigation display is a perfect way to expand the capabilities of sportboats, cruisers, and smaller centre
consoles with plug-and-play support for Simrad Broadband Radar™ and Halo™ Pulse Compression radar systems (excludes Go5 XSE). Behind a super-bright, multi-touch widescreen display lies a built-in GPS receiver, wireless connectivity, and industry standard NMEA 2000® networking. Connect with smartphones and tablets, control your onboard sound system, monitor engine data, and choose from an array of built-in sonar technology to cruise with confidence and find fish like a pro.
5", 7", 9", and 12" display options .

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  Go-Free Wi-Fi  

Options for Lowrance and Simrad displays include;

GoFree Wireless
With the WIFI-1 Module you can use your mobile electronics to view chartplotter, sonar, StructureScan HD, engine data and more.
Plot routes and waypoints, explore different areas on a chart, or TrackBack through recordings on live sonar and structure logs.
Adjust Radar guard zones, and even control your music.
Free App install for remotely using smart phones and tablets.
Provides full control of HDS Gen 2 Touch Multifunction devices and acts as a screen viewer for the HDS Gen2 displays.

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  Lowrance LSS-1   StructureScan Sonar Imaging Option
First and only true panoramic sonar imaging with picture-perfect clarity to the left, right and directly under the boat. High-detail viewing of structure, ledges, channels, drop-offs, brush and all the other fish hidey holes. Superb clarity for add-on performance to any HDS multifunction display. Networks via ethernet with up to three HDS devices for sonar display and waypoint sharing. Exclusive TrackBack feature for simultaneous scroll-back of sonar and chartplotter "history".
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Lowrance 3G Radar
Lowrance 4G Radar
Broadband 3G/4G High Definition Digital Radar with MARPA, Fastscan mode, and Guard zone support and Radar/Chart Overlay (external Heading Sensor required for overlay).
Broadband 3G Radar clearly marks more targets farther away from your boat. So you enjoy exclusive, close-in (6.5 ft/2 m) target detection of Broadband Radar technology, with the addition of exposing previously unseen distant targets.
Broadband Radar provides amazing target resolution, even at an unprecedented 1/32 nm range. Docks, channel markers, moored vessels and other critical targets are displayed with pronounced clarity and separation, for added safety and confidence in close quarters.
Broadband Radar transmits at 1/10,000 the power of typical pulse radars so Broadband 3G Radar is safe to mount in locations never before possible. Plus, with the lowest DC power draw of any X-band marine radar, it is the first and only radar ideally suited for sailboats and other fishing or cruising boats with limited power.
No more waiting 2-3 minutes for a pulse radar magnetron to warm up. The 100% solid-state Broadband 3G Radar design provides InstantOn navigation in seconds.
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  Lowrance Sonic Hub   Sonic Hub Entertainment Centre
SonicHub allows the boater to control their onboard music components from any high-resolution display in the boat.
A separate, fully waterproof dock connects an iPod, iPhone, or MP3 audio player to the SonicHub while keeping it protected and secure. Input lines allow for the control of an iPod, iPhone, integrated AM/FM radio tuner, and plays MP3s on a USB stick.
The result is simple, menu-driven controls on the HDS’s waterproof, high-resolution colour screen and no need for a separate stereo head unit. SonicHub status is displayed at bottom of display screen when active.
Includes a four channel x 50 watt speaker amplifier and AM/FM stereo tuner. Line-out to subwoofer for added bass. Excellent sound quality.
Supplied with 2 marine-grade 6.5” speakers 200W output.
Numerous audio source inputs including Apple products, other MP3 sources via USB port and flash drive.
Stereo AUX line input for audio, Mono line input for intercom, alarm and emergency override
Music control for up to two individual zones.
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  Navico NAIS-500   AIS
Reduce your risk of collision with this latest generation, fully integrated, Class-B AIS transponder - essential for navigating today's busy shipping lanes and congested ports. Compact in size, lightweight, fully waterproof, with low power draw and featuring multiple connections, the NAIS-500 is ideal for networking with any NSS or NSO chartplotter / multifunction display and Simrad RS VHF system.
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