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NMEA 2000 is a parallel Bus wiring configuration using 4-conductor twisted-pair cabling to carry data signals and power to operate the interface.
It has a main backbone cable with terminators at each end. In between are T connectors and drop wires to each individual piece of equipment or transducer. Once data is on the Bus from any transducer, it is available to any instrument on the network that can either use or display that data.

We can design and install a network system to suit your vessel and NMEA2000 compliant equipment, or add to existing systems.

Many manufacturers now produce compliant equipment and most of the products that feature on this website are capable of being installed on an NMEA2000 network.

We use installation accessories from Actisense and Navico and some of their range is shown below.

NMEA2000 Connectors NMEA2000 Cable
NMEA2000 Quad
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