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  Furuno Wi Fi Radar   Furuno 15   3G Radar  
  Furuno M1835   Furuno 19   4G Radar  
      Furuno 24      
      Furuno 3.5' Open Array      
      Furuno 4' Open Array      
Wireless Radar
Radar Display
  Furuno 1st Watch Wireless Radar
With the new 1st Watch Wireless Radar, you can do things previously impossible. You can take the Radar display where ever you go, on your iPad or even on the iPhone in your pocket.
Plug in the Radar, set up the app from App Store and you're ready to go. With familiar gestures it's easy to use; you can even use two iOS devices simultaneously.
Installation is simple with its compact and lightweight Radar antenna.
Mount it, plug in the power cord and you're done.
(iOS devices not included)
More details here.
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  Furuno M1835   Furuno M1835 / M1935 / M1945
These Models utilise a high contrast 10.4 color LCD radar designed for a wide range of vessels including pleasure craft, fishing boats and work boats. They offer crystal clear target presentation with automatic Gain / Sea / Rain controls to deliver noise-free radar presentation. They feature superb detection of even small targets both at short and long range and also boast all-new display modes which will assist you with navigating safely on all waters.
M1835 with 2' Radome, M1935 with 3.5' Open Array, M1945 with 4' Open Array.
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  Lowrance 3G Radar
Lowrance 4G Radar
  Simrad / Lowrance / B & G 3G/4G Radar
Broadband 3G High Definition Digital Radar with MARPA, Fastscan mode, and Guard zone support and Radar/Chart Overlay (external Heading Sensor required for overlay).
Broadband 3G Radar clearly marks more targets farther away from your boat. So you enjoy exclusive, close-in (6.5 ft/2 m) target detection of Broadband Radar technology, with the addition of exposing previously unseen distant targets. And now 4G with beam sharpening and 50% more true range.
Lowrance Broadband Radar provides amazing target resolution, even at an unprecedented 1/32 nm range. Docks, channel markers, moored vessels and other critical targets are displayed with pronounced clarity and separation, for added safety and confidence in close quarters.
Lowrance Broadband Radar transmits at 1/10,000 the power of typical pulse radars So Broadband 3G/4G Radar is safe to mount in locations never before possible. Plus, with the lowest DC power draw of any X-band marine radar, it is the first and only radar ideally suited for sailboats and other fishing or cruising boats with limited power.
No more waiting 2-3 minutes for a pulse radar magnetron to warm up. The 100% solid-state Broadband 3G/4G Radar design provides InstantOn navigation in seconds.
Use any of the HDS displays to give combined Plotter/Radar or Plotter/Radar/Sounder options.
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      A Note Regarding Radar Antennas:
As with any Radio Frequency (R.F.) device, the performance is only as good as the antenna. Radar is no exception. The larger the antenna, the narrower the horizontal beamwidth. Horizontal beamwidth determines the target discrimination e.g. if two adjacent targets are observed with a small antenna they might merge as one but with a larger antenna, with a narrow beamwidth, they will appear as two separate targets. Additionally, as the beamwidth is reduced the gain of the antenna is increased resulting in greater range. So always choose the largest antenna you can accomodate.
  Furuno 15" Radome   Furuno Radome 15"
The smallest radome from Furuno is used on the M1623. An enclosed Microstrip antenna offers a 6.2° horizontal beamwidth and a 25° vertical beamwidth. Competitors might offer smaller antennas but beware, performance will suffer.
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  Furun 19" Radome   Furuno 19" Radome DRS2D
2.2kW, 24nm Radome for NavNet 3D and TZ Touch. Ultra High Definition Digital Radar offers crystal clear, noise-free target presentation with automatic real-time digital signal processing. Antenna rotation speed (24/36/48 rpm) is automatically shifted to the appropriate pulse length.
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  Furuno 24" Radome   Furuno 24" Radome DRS4D
4kW, 36nm Ultra high definition Digital Radar for NavNet 3D and TZ Touch offers similar features to DRS2D but with increased power and 3.9° horizontal beamwidth and 25° vertical beamwidth offering the best in radome antennas.
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  Furuno 24" Radome   Furuno 24" Radome
4kW, 36nm conventional Radome for the M1835, features 4° horizontal beamwidth and 20° vertical beamwidth.
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  Furuno 3.5' Open Array   Furuno Open Array 3.5'
Available in 2 versions, the DRS4A Ultra high definition Digital Radar for use with the NavNet 3D and TZ Touch and the conventional version for use with the M1935 10.4” LCD display. This 3.5' antenna with its 2.2° horizontal beamwidth and 22° vertical beamwidth gives outstanding performance for range and discrimination. This antenna is the popular choice of the larger motor yacht and commercial fishermen.
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  Furuno 4' Open Array   Furuno Open Array 4'
Available in 2 versions, the DRS6A Ultra high definition Digital Radar for use with the NavNet 3D and TZ Touch and the conventional version for use with the M1945 10.4” LCD display. Almost the ultimate in small boat radar antennas the 4' open array is worth that little bit extra. Offering a horizontal beamwidth of 1.9° and vertical beamwidth of 22°. Don't forget there is also a 6' antenna available!
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