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  Icom IC-R6   Icom IC-R30   Icom IC-R9500  
      Icom IC-R8600      

Icom IC-R6
  Icom IC-R6
While retaining basic features of its popular predecessor the IC-R5, the IC-R6 contains many improvements including 100 channel per second scanning speed, 1300 memory channels, 15 hours of continuous receive capability, optional drop-in charger stand and voice control squelch. All these new features combined with a high degree of usability means that the IC-R6 will be equally at home with any casual listener of broadcast stations or the serious scanning enthusiast seeking a pocket sized quality receiver.
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  Icom IC-R30
The IC-R30 is Icom's latest wideband handheld receiver and can receive over a wide (0.1 to 3304.999 MHz) frequency range in AM, FM, WFM, USB, LSB and CW. It can also decode digital modes including P25, NXDN, dPMR, D-STAR and Japanese domestic DCR.
The radio can receive on different bands and different modes [Dualwatch]. For example, HF and UHF signals can be monitored simultaneously. You can scan for other active channels on the B band, while receiving the primary signal on the A band.
The audio of the two bands received while in the Dualwatch mode can be individually recorded onto a microSD card [not supplied] in the WAV format. The recorded audio can be played back on the receiver or a PC. Also, frequency, mode, S-meter reading, time, current position data and altitude can be saved with received audio.
A 2.3-inch large, dot-matrix display is used in the IC-R30. Screens with large amounts of information are clearly and logically arranged. The four-direction keypad provides straight-forward operation of all functions.
The integrated GPS receiver displays your current position data, course, speed and altitude on display. GPS data can also be saved in recorded audio files. The IC-R30 can list up to 50 stations [which must be pre-programmed into the memory channels] within 160 km (99.4 miles) from your current location.
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  Icom IC-R8600   Icom IC-R8600
The IC-R8600 is a super wideband, SDR (Software Defined Radio), communication receiver that covers the radio spectrum from 10 kHz to 3 GHz. It also has the capability to decode selected digital communication signals including, D-STAR, NXDN, dPMR and P25. The IC-R8600 incorporates the latest software demodulation technology incorporated on Icom’s latest HF Amateur radios, providing superior performance and intuitive operation. With the optional remote control software for a Windows PC, received audio and spectrum scope data can be transferred through an IP network for monitoring from remote locations.
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  Icom IC-R9000   Icom IC-R9500
The IC-R9500 covers from 5kHz to 3335MHz in all modes and utilizes Icom's RF circuit development expertise and cutting edge digital technology.
Communication professionals will appreciate the high technical performance of this receiver with its exceptional +40dBm Third Intercept Point (IP3) and 109dB dynamic range.
The ultra stable, Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillator (OCXO) unit provides a 10MHz signal which can be used as a reference for other equipment. Combined with the digital IF filters, 5 roofing filters and a DSP controlled multi function colour spectrum scope this receiver is unparalleled in its performance and functionality.
Digital twin PBT and the digital voice recorder combined with 10 VFO channels provide users with high grade operations and functionality.
The IC-R9500 is targeted to telecommunication professionals who will use this radio for monitoring radio stations or signals and analysing spectrum.
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