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  Icom VE-PG3   Icom IP-501M   Icom RMS-IP  
  Icom IP-503H   Icom IP-501MB   Icom VE-SP1  
Icom VE-PG4
  Icom VE-PG4 RoIP Gateway
The VE-PG4 is a versatile RoIP (Radio over IP) network gateway unit, which seamlessly interconnects LMR radios, LTE radios*, IP communication terminals, IP phone systems and external devices.
In addition to the IP Network (LAN/WAN), the built-in LTE module (network coverage provided by a custom SIM card) provides virtually nationwide communication coverage.
The VE-PG4 includes built-in RoIP, SIP gateway, IP router, IP PBX and IP communication terminal controller functions, in one box. In comparison with a similar system combining several devices, installation and administration of the integrated VE-PG4 is much simpler.
*Icom custom SIM card required for LTE systems/use.
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Icom IP503H
  Icom IP503H Handset
The IP503H is a small, lightweight LTE/PoC radio handset that offers licence free nationwide coverage over the 4G/LTE network. The IP503H is ideal for transmitting over long and short distances or areas where conventional radio is not feasible or is too costly.
With the Icom custom SIM card, the IP503H has access to the three leading networks within the UK. So wherever you are, you will always be connected to the strongest signal in your area. The SIM card is capable of roaming throughout Europe as standard at no extra charge.
The IP503H does not use the conventional radio spectrum. Coverage is provided by the 4G/LTE and 3G network so no licence application forms and no licence fees. The system is hosted on a fully secure server located in the UK.
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Icom IP501M







Icom IP501MB


IP501M/MB Mobile
The IP501M is a new LTE/PoC mobile radio to complement Icom's IP501H/IP503H LTE radio handheld counterpart. Designed to be installed in a vehicle, the IP501M will provide a straight forward, easy to use communication tool allowing drivers* with nationwide and European** PTT radio coverage using the LTE/4G and 3G network.
Nationwide Coverage Over 3G & 4G / LTE Closed Private Network
With the custom Icom SIM card, the IP501M operates over 4G / LTE in a closed private network. Businesses can benefit from nationwide, European or even global coverage** without the need for repeaters thus reducing the cost of building and maintaining a wide area network. Users also operate on a closed, private LTE mobile data network providing an extra level of security.
Interconnect between IDAS and IP100H Systems
With the VE-PG4 RoIP Gateway Module, the Icom LTE radio solution will provide interoperability with a whole host of radio systems and operating aids such as IP phones, analogue transceivers, IDAS digital transceivers and IP100H wireless LAN network systems. In addition, GPS positional data can be displayed on a dispatcher.
The IP501MB LTE/PoC Radio Base Station is ideal for a control room or office, the IP501MB LTE base station allows a dispatcher to communicate with their team via the Icom LTE network wherever they are be it in the next town or the other side of the country.
Housed in a smart enclosure with power supply, the IP501MB, together with Icom's LTE dispatcher software provides an impressive communication solution and management tool for any business.

* Guidance about the use of radio equipment in vehicles can be found on Icom's website: The Use of Two Way Radio Equipment in a Vehicle
** Network roaming charges may apply, check with Icom UK first.

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RMS-IP Dispatcher Software
RMS-IP is a powerful IP based PC dispatcher that not only allows you to manage your Icom LTE radio network but also serves as an additional virtual radio on your system. RMS-IP enables a controller to communicate with your team, monitor all radio activity in real-time and ultimately manage your day to day business issues more efficiently. As part of Icom's LTE radio system, RMS-IP provides an important addition to your licence free, nationwide, full-duplex communication network. RMS-IP radio dispatcher is a 'Virtual Radio' which can be configured to work with Icom's range of LTE handheld and mobile radios. The voice dispatcher can be used to make calls on talk groups or individual calls to specific units as well as send 24-character long text messages to the physical radios.
RMS-IP allows you to monitor and keep in touch with your team from a PC. It will also log and store recordings of all radio traffic as well as GPS history and provide a variety of security features, such as emergency alarm and emergency SMS and email.
The Voice Dispatcher functions like a traditional radio system. Use a headset to allow you to communication with your team.
All data gathered by the portal (Recordings, GPS History) is sorted on our cloud servers for easy access from anywhere any time.

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Icom VE-SP1

VE-SP1 Conference Desk Speaker
Icom has introduced a new desktop conference speaker microphone for its growing range of LTE/PoC radios. The VE-SP1 desktop speaker microphone is easy to activate; just place the IP501H/IP503H in the slot and start a voice conference with your team . . . wherever they are!
Features include:
Compact and easy to get started. Literally, plug and play.
Built-in loudspeaker with high sensitivity microphone.
Charges the IP501H during a voice conference.
Portable operation with LR6 (AA) (B8 cells).
Ideal for conferencing with your team.
Suitable for control rooms, CCTV rooms etc.

The VE-SP1 is supplied with OPC-2397 connection cable, BC-242 AC adapter and SM-1 external microphone.

NB; IP503H Radio sold separately.

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