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  Icom IC-F5012   Icomm IC-F5062   Icomm IC-F5122  
  Icom IC-F5022          
  Icom IC-F5012   Icom IC-F5012 / F6012
The new IC-F5012 mobile transceiver series is the successor to Icom’s best selling IC-F110S series and is designed as a simplified counterpart to Icom’s IC-F5022 series. This series has many attractive features and an an uncomplicated LED display that makes it ideally suited to small to mid sized radio systems such as taxi operators, construction companies, security firms and farmers.
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  Icom IC-F5022   Icom IC-F5022 / F6022
The IC-F5022 / F6022 professional mobile transceiver series is the successor to Icom's successful IC-F110 / F210 and retains the features of its predecessor, while providing additional features found on higher end models. New signalling and scanning features give the user more flexibility by being compatible with existing radios. High-end features and ease of operation make these new radios suitable for a variety of markets including transport, agriculture & security, etc.
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  Icom IC-F5062   Icom IC-F5062 / F6062
The IC-F5062 / F6062 advanced VHF/UHF mobile series has the capability to work on a variety of existing radio systems and with the addition of an UT-126H “IDAS” 6.25kHz digital option board, an organisation has the capability to migrate to the latest digital technology. Together with the IC-F3162 / F4162 VHF/UHF advanced handheld transceiver series and the IC-FR5100 / IC-FR6100 digital repeater series can become an integral part of a sophisticated digital network.
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  Icom IC-F5122   Icom IC-F5122 / F6122 IDAS
The new IDAS IC-F5122D mobile series is a simple and straight forward range that offers business and industry radio users 6.25 kHz channel spacing, digital/analogue mixed mode operation in a mobile. Ideal for transportation, and delivery fleets, the streamlined IC-F5122D series has an abundance of mobile features and is compatible with IDAS multi-site conventional and IDAS single-site trunking thus providing an affordable digital migration path from analogue.
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